7 Jul

Dear all,

I will try to describe and share my experience and knowledge with you about the paint. What is paint?, compositions?, type’s?, applications? and lots of thing..
Probably it can’t be completed by just one posting therefore I will continue my article in this blog whenever I have ‘free time’.

Of course, I will only elobrate or explain to you the basic knowledge about paint so that you may get some tips on how to handle a simple painting issues because I believe you may plan to re-painting your house in the near future, especially before Raya.

Ok, basically if you refer to Kamus Dewan the simple translation for paint is ‘cecair berwarna’. And where and why is’t used for?.. Paint normally used for;

1. Protection – Protect your property or anything so that it can last longer
2. Decoration – Imagine if paint without color?. Don’t you think my house will be so beautiful?
3. Safety – Imagine if there is no road line paint or may be painted safety signage at ‘corner maut’ Jalan Sungai Bell?..

So the 3 above’s is more less describing you what mean by paint.

How to make a paint then?…What is the principle or basic concept?..

To be continue….


One Response to “WHAT IS PAINT ?”

  1. lingam 2008/07/18 at 11:52 am #

    Taukeh Cat..

    Paint My Love tu macam mana nak buat..Can u plz elobrate on that.

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